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Frequently asked questions

How does this work?

Find a social media account (Reddit, Twitter or YouTube) you have found to post interesting stock research that you want to find out more about. You can plug in that account's username and that stock ticker (or any other ticker) and we will show you at what point in the stock's history did they post what about it. You can profile an entire account for all the stocks that user has posted about as well.

Alternatively, have a scroll around different stocks that people have profiled, and check out the aggregate research on them.

What perks do I get when I sign up?

We are opening signing up, for a short period of time, to initial visitors only. Once the initial phase has passed, only profiled accounts can profile others. Only account holders can scan an account's aggregate research and we're working to bring more instant and in-depth market updates and research to account holders.

Activated users will also be able to follow profles and keep track of new posts via a custom feed. Also, dark mode!

How do I sign up?

Currently, only profiled users are able to sign up via a 2-click confirmation of their Reddit, Twitter or YouTube account. You can also create a Sigma Finite account to add positions quickly without having to post on other sites. If you are not yet profiled, you can profile yourself and authorise us to check your username, then your account will be activated.

I have a profile here, how do claim it?

You can authorise your account via one of the accounts the profile has. Once authorised, you will have login access to the profile. Activated profiles can also close their positions to make the system stop tracking the stock's performance for that particular position.

What are the rectangles with tickers on a post?

A ticker flair such as TSLA 515 indicates that the author is bullish on Tesla, which was worth $515 at the time of the post, the Redditor's return on Tesla is calculated as the return on $TSLA since the time of the post. Likewise, indicates that the author is bearish on $TSLA and the Redditor's return is calculated as the shorted return of $TSLA since the time of the post, i.e. the price at the time of the post divided by current price.

If you think a post is falsely flaired, please leave a feedback with us along with the post's ID, which can be found next to the Reddit URL on the post.

Something is annoying me about the site, where do I leave a message?

You can leave us feedback on anything here. Alternatively, the co-founders can be reached at and